Hello birds! We can’t wait to meet you!

Photo:¬†Great Blue Heron stilt dancers, Leif Saba (left) and Savannah Walling (right), in “By the River” (dir. by James F. Tait), Runaway Moon Theatre

Calling all birds and bird watchers, listeners and wonderers in the West End and Coal Harbour!

Over the coming year, join us on bird discovery walks around the neighbourhood, looking for birds and nests and feathers and mapping our findings. We’ll observe birds closely to see how they communicate using their bodies and voices, and then try to emulate them. You’ll be invited to make a bird mask and costume, a puppet or two, learn bird calls that speak to you, and flock together in a parade.

yellow bird puppet

Each of us who make up the Birds in Residence artist team (Paula, Carmen, Cathy and Robi) is in awe of birds… flight! feathers! beaks! bird calls and songs! wing patterns! colours! flight paths!¬†(You can learn more about us over on the Artists page.)

We are so excited to begin this year-long journey of discovery together.

Stay tuned for details about upcoming workshops and events.

Until soon,

Your birds in residence


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