Sunday morning bird walk

On Sunday morning, Paula joined the Stanley Park Nature House’s monthly “Birds of a Feather” walk to get to know some of the birds out and about these days. Here’s her report:

Had a beautiful walk around lost lagoon this morning on one of Stanley Park Nature House’s “birds of a feather” walks. We saw some dark eyed junkos—they’ll be heading out in a month or so and we won’t see them again until October! That was true for a few of the others we saw though I didn’t remember them all. We saw: anna’s hummingbirds, and song sparrows and fox sparrows and a spotted towhee. We saw lots of black capped and chestnut chickadees, three herons, some american coots oh and some common and barrows goldeneye and some widgeons too, I think. Some Canada Geese nesting high up in dead trees, and some mergansers. I forget which ducks were nesting in trees. We ended up at the devonian pond, hoping to see some redwinged black birds, but they had moved on (they must have all been up at comox & nichola where I came across a few holly trees just filled with trilling redwing black birds!)

What an exciting morning. Thanks for an informative walk, Else!

PS I don’t have a suitable camera for capturing the birds up close, but here is a picture of a little snow capped chickadee I made!



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