“Birds in Residence” celebrates our winged relatives, from songbirds to birds of prey, waterfowl to shorebirds in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour and West End. “Birds in Residence” is a collaboration of four community-engaged artists (Paula Jardine, Carmen Rosen, Cathy Stubbington and Robi Smith) with the residents of these two neighbourhoods. Learn more about the artists here.

The aim of our residency is to connect people of all ages and abilities who live in the West End and Coal Harbour with the birds we live with. We’ll collectively deepen our relationship with these birds through nature walks and a multitude of art forms including drawing, mapping, listening, movement and song. We’ll combine the insights and talents of community engaged artists with biologists, ornithologists and amateur bird enthusiasts.

Throughout 2018, we’ll learn everything we can about the birds who live in, and fly through, our neighbourhoods, reflecting on ideas of home and migration.

We’ll also be creating a chorus of birds on stilts for local events, including a grand parade to open the 27th International Ornithological Congress and Vancouver International Bird Festival, planned for August 19 -26, 2018.

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